Yesterday we installed a number of interior and closet doors in a Cupertino home.  The owners had lived in the home for about a year.  It was an older home with a lot of character from dwellings built in the 1970’s, and the couple were in the midst of a number of upgrades that included new doors.  To accentuate the personality of the home, the owners installed two-panel shaker-style doors.  However, the highlight of the project (in our view) were two sets of mirror reflections closet doors in the master bedroom.  Installing these stylish mirrored doors immediately gave the previously compact bedroom an amazing semblance of spaciousness.  Here are the photos we took from the project.

cupertino-interior-door-1 cupertino-interior-door-2 cupertino-closet-door-3 cupertino-closet-door-4 cupertino-interior-door-5 cupertino-interior-door-6 cupertino-interior-door-7


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