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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

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TruStile TM Series

The Tru&Modern™ Door Collection consists of over 100 contemporary door styles. A modern take on classic stile and rail door construction. Clean, strong lines. Custom design options. Bold accents. This collection radically alters the concept of what a door can bring to today’s modern and contemporary interiors.

Note the above shown style images are merely templates that can be modified and changed to suit your personal tastes.

Blue sections in the above templates refer to glass inserts into the door.  You may choose from a large selection of hundreds of glass options to enhance the design of your door.

We apply paint or clear-coat finish to doors in our specialized painting facility at our shop. The paint or clear-coat is sprayed on in a dust-free environment, creating a perfectly smooth finish with no brush marks.

To obtain an estimate, please note the number of the door design that you are interested in and call our office.  Alternatively, you may also inquire by submitting an estimate form by clicking the “Get a Free Estimate” button below (note the number of the door design in the form).

We are the Bay Area’s leading installer of TruStile Doors. Each door can be customized to your personal taste.

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