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Frequently Asked Questions

We use hi-tech digital measuring equipment and a computerized milling machine to cut doors to precise measurements. Our technology avoids the guesswork and uncertainty involved in door replacement projects. Often contractors must spend many hours using manual measurements and hand-cutting methods to cut and trim each new door to fit the existing door frame. To avoid uncertainty and frustration, many contractors will automatically replace the door frame, even when it is in good condition. We regularly encounter situations where a contractor actively insists on installing prehung doors at a much higher cost, but we are able to save significant time and money by only replacing the door while retaining the existing door frame.

Another important difference is that IDRC is a “one-stop” door replacement provider. We supply not only the door, but also the lockset and hardware, painting services, as well as delivery and installation services. We will take care of any unforseen issues or problems with your door installation project, and our 1-year warranty means that we will come back to your home to fix problems that may pop up at a later time. Our process is significantly easier than purchasing doors from a lumberyard, selecting your lockset and hardware from a hardware retailer, transporting the doors in a rented truck to your home, scheduling a contractor to cut and install the new doors, and finally hiring a painter to paint the new doors. With this do-it-yourself approach, any defect or error in materials is purely your own responsibility.

First, our sales representative will visit your home to provide an estimate. If you accept the estimate and place a deposit, then a technician will visit your home with our digital measuring tool and obtain digital measurements of each door opening. If no special-order items are involved in the order, doors typically take 3-5 weeks to arrive. Our door installation crew will arrive at a scheduled time to deliver and install the new doors. Depending on the number of doors being replaced, the installation process is usually completed in 2-4 hours.

The amount of time before your new doors are installed varies depending on how busy we are and the specific door product that you order. If the products are made from materials stocked by our supplier, then lead time to final door installation is typically about 3-5 weeks after you place the order. Note that many premium products are custom made and may require a lead time of as much as two months or longer.

Visiting the showroom is not mandatory, but depending on the product you are interested in a showroom visit can be useful. Such a visit provides an opportunity to see and touch the actual product before placing the order, for example to get a “feel” for the various types and brands of locksets that we offer. However, many customers do not visit our showroom at all and are comfortable making their decision through the information provided to them in their homes by our sales representative.

No. We are a “one-stop” provider of door products and door installation services, and we prefer to handle the entire door replacement process from start to finish. We have refined product ordering and door preparation procedures that are tightly integrated with our suppliers. Our processes are not able to accommodate accepting doors from other sources. Note that a key advantage of our policy is that we will be accountable for all aspects of your door replacement project, from any defects in materials to the overall quality of the workmanship and final installation.

Yes, you can purchase door materials from Interior Door Replacement Company for delivery to your property for you or your contractor to install.  Note that we are unable to accept return of materials after they have been delivered, inspected, and accepted by the customer.

Our services are best suited to customers who need to replace a number of doors at a time. Our door replacement procedures involve multiple visits to each customer home, including to obtain digital measurements as well as to install the doors themselves. Therefore, we can only offer our advertised low prices on orders of at least six interior swing doors. If there are five or fewer interior swing doors to be replaced, then we will need to add an installation fee to cover our costs. There is no trip fee if the order includes at least one exterior entry or premium/specialty (i.e., glass, mirror) door.

Yes, we will install interior doors that are primed but without the final coat of paint. While most customers choose to have us paint their new doors, a few do choose to paint their doors themselves, or to have their contractor paint them. Note that customers are consistently pleased with the quality and workmanship of the paint that we apply. We use an advanced spray system that applies paint without leaving any brush or roller marks. For more information on our painting process, click here.

Pre-hung doors may be the preferred approach for a variety of reasons. If the existing door frame is in poor condition or is aesthetically unappealing, then a pre-hung door may be appropriate. Note that our technology often provides an option not to go with a pre-hung door, even when the door frame is not in the best condition. We have encountered many situations where we are able to retrofit a new door without replacing the door frame, saving significant time and cost for the customer. In comparison, a general contractor not equipped with our technology would have no choice but to remove the door frame and install a pre-hung door in these situations.

In many cases due to the normal movement of the house over time, jamb legs may become uneven with each other, preventing the door from closing evenly against the wooden stops. In order to correct this condition, we may need to move the hinges and/or wood stops, possibly creating a need for minor touch-up paint applied by you or your painter. This is particularly common when we install or replace fire doors (the door from the garage to the home), where the wood stops often need to be moved to accommodate the width of current fire-rated doors.

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