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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

Welcome to Interior Door Replacement Company

We are the largest and most established door replacement company serving the San Francisco-San Jose Bay Area. Our experienced door professionals have installed more than 250,000 interior doors and closet doors since 1997. Delivery and installation is included with every door purchase, providing our customers with a painless and hassle-free experience. We utilize advanced digital measuring technology that allows our milling machine to cut doors to precise measurements matching each door opening. Our computerized door cutting process keeps your existing doors in place until the moment they are replaced (unlike manual door replacement methods). As an established business with over 25 years of experience, you can be sure we will be available to address your current and future door replacement needs.

Interior Doors

Replacing old interior doors is among the most effective ways to renew the sense of pride you once had for your home. New interior doors instantly create a noticeable and dramatic change that transforms your home into a rich, secure, and inviting place to entertain and live.Installing a new front entry door is one of the best ways of improving your home’s curb appeal. We offer attractive exterior door styles that are resistant to humidity, sunlight, and other harsh environmental factors. Our installers can retrofit exterior door slabs or install prehung exterior doors.

Closet Doors

New closet doors are one of the quickest and easiest ways to give bedrooms a new and refreshing look. We are experienced installers of various types of closet doors, including bifold doors and sliding bypass doors. Most interior doors can also be installed as closet doors.

Exterior Doors

Replacing old interior doors is among the most effective ways to renew the sense of pride you once had for your home. New interior doors instantly create a noticeable and dramatic change that transforms your home into a rich, secure, and inviting place to entertain and live.Installing a new front entry door is one of the best ways of improving your home’s curb appeal. We offer attractive exterior door styles that are resistant to humidity, sunlight, and other harsh environmental factors. Our installers can retrofit exterior door slabs or install prehung exterior doors.

Barn Doors

Barn doors add unique and distinctive character to homes. They require empty wall space to one or both sides of the opening and at least 7” of wall header space above. Barn doors can free up space compared to a swinging door, but they also require space for a track that supports the sliding door. Our barn doors are all custom-designed and made with the highest quality hardware and door materials.

Door Materials

We supply door materials to customers and contractors who wish to install the doors themselves.  Our suppliers include the major door manufacturers as well as many specialized door and door hardware brands.  Door materials can be picked up at our facility located at 2810 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara.  

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Customers Love Us On Yelp!

Geri S.
Geri S.
From Palo Alto, CA
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I knew we needed replacement doors and wanted to work with a company that specializes in them. Which is why I read all the reviews on Yelp and decided to give them a call.

They were so gracious, informative and very prompt. I was not disappointed. They were great. From the time they came out to see what the job was, to visit their showroom and then when they came out to measure, totally seamless and professional. We have perfect new interior doors and I couldn't be happier with the entire process. No shortcuts. And that tool that they use to get the perfect measurements is amazing. Great company.
Debra C.
Debra C.
From Foster City, CA
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A home upgrade project that started well over a year ago finally ended today with beautiful new doors from Interior Door Replacement Company. From start to finish, they were professional--Kristine, the Director of Sales, was friendly and responsive to every call and email. She was patient with us as we mulled over the many different choices of doors and hardware, and even let us "borrow" a door to see if we liked the way it looked in our home (we leaned it against a wall, and we went with something different!). I really wanted the project done by Christmas, and they sent their A Team--Fernando, Steven, and Scott--for the all-day installation. We decided on solid doors at about 80 lbs each, and not only did that have to take down the old doors and haul them out, but of course they had to bring these heavy doors up one or two flights of stairs--a LOT of work. Fernando was meticulous about his work--he installed our doors with the same sense of perfection that he would demand in his own home. I even learned a few cool tricks that apparently only contractors know! Their care and pride in their work is a rare find these days--can't thank them enough for the skillful job they all did. We had reeded glass put in our swinging kitchen door as well as our pantry door, and what an awesome look. No errors in the order, no problem or challenge that the team couldn't overcome. The doors are as beautiful as we'd hoped and I know we will enjoy them for as long as we live here. I would give Interior Door Replacement Co. 6 stars if I could!
Barbara M.
Barbara M.From Moss Beach, CA
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What a great company to work with, a hiccup with the office staff & a slight measurement issue that was remedied on the spot, the guys were great and very professional. We had new sliding closet doors, each room is different and we are very pleased with all of them, now I wish I had done two more doors. I would use them again. They were fast and reasonable. Not sure about the past poor reviews but we were sure pleased and did not experience any of what the previous posters described.
Stephanie D.
Stephanie D.
From Alameda, CA
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Jesse and Scott did an amazing job with our doors today in Alameda. They were super friendly, did great work, and were fast! They were thorough and we felt very safe with them in our home.

From start to finish, this company exceeded my expectations and followed through on everything they said they would do. Courtney was incredibly professional and helpful when figuring out which doors/fixtures we wanted to proceed with. Fernando (pretty sure that is his name!) was awesome when he came to do the final measurements, and communications with Kris were great throughout the project.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing new doors in their home!
Cathy D.
Cathy D.
From San Jose, CA
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We searched for two years to find a new wood front door and custom (large) interior barn door.

We finally discovered Interior Door Replacement. Their name does not do them justice! They have BEAUTIFUL front doors and gorgeous one of a kind hardware. Their team measured, provided design expertise, painted, and installed our front door and barn door. Christine at customer service helped with our order, Andre helped improve my design, and what can I say about Steven and Fernando who measured and installed the doors PERFECTLY!!!

This place is like the old school neighborhood business that takes PRIDE and OWNERSHIP of their entire project.
Seriously, don't attempt this by yourself or with two or three different contractors- Interior Door Replacement is your one stop best experience!
Kristine L.
Kristine L.
From Walnut Creek, CA
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Two years ago, we took out the carpet in our bedroom and replaced it with hardwood flooring, but when we did, our '70s mirrored closet doors no longer fit! (Darn it -- not.) So we went without closet doors for, well, two years before I Googled and found Interior Door Replacement Company.

They came out to give me an estimate on our master and guest bedrooms, then followed up. I ended up ordering really simple doors that they came and installed, and I absolutely love them.

I'm hoping some time to replace the doors in the office, and when I do, I know whom to call! Honestly, if you're looking to update a room, closet doors seems to be a good place to start, and these are the folks to help. I do NOT miss my gold-trim mirrored monstrosities at all.
Kevin C.
Kevin C.
From Cupertino, CA
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Interior Door Replacement Company did an excellent job replacing a couple of bedroom doors for us with custom spec designs. We wanted to match the design of the existing doors we had in our home, but wanted a mirror on the opposite side facing into the bedrooms.

They came out and measured twice to make sure everything would be specced correctly, and the installers were on time, courteous, and did excellent work in installing our new custom doors. The whole install only took about half an hour which was impressive.

The quality of the doors are amazing. The paint color matched perfectly to our original doors, the design matches the rest of the home, and the craftsmanship was some of the best I've seen.
Bev M.
Bev M.
From Sunnyvale, CA
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Our 9 interior replacement doors were just installed in under 2 hours! We are so happy with the quality, cost value, ease of installation and professional and courteous service. The process entailed 3 visits: first the estimate, then the precision laser measurement for each door, and lastly, the installation of the pre-painted doors prepped in their warehouse. We did not need to visit the showroom as we were simply having them match the new doors in our kitchen that was remodeled 15 yrs ago.

The new doors make our 54 yr-old house look like new--it makes a huge difference in appearance! I only wish we had done this years ago, as we've lived in this house for 18 yrs. The old doors were dark wood, flat, very flimsy (in fact our master bedroom door had a sizable hole on the inside-facing side), and had mismatching hardware. I also wish I'd taken a before and after photo.

Trust me, if you're thinking about hiring this company to replace your old interior doors, DON'T HESITATE!!

Clay J.
Clay J.
From Sunnyvale, CA
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We are very happy with our new closet doors for our Eichler. We had tried to get bids from other places but were unhappy with the responses. Interior Door came right out when they said they would, gave a bid and everything went smoothly from there. Christian and Marvin arrived exactly at the appointment time, installed the doors and were done in the time they said they would be. They communicated clearly what they were doing and cleaned up when done. Very professional. We could not be more pleased with the whole process.
Matthew D.
Matthew D.From Pleasanton, CA
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Excellent service & overall experience from start to finish. Installers Chris & Yair were outstanding. They were extremely professional & did an amazing job. I couldn't be more pleased with everything. If you are looking for quality closet doors and a crew of installers that have attention to detail and do really clean work then you found the right place. I would recommend this company 100 percent.

In Business Since 1997

Over 250,000 Doors Installed

Committed to Great Service

Our Service & Technology

15-Minute Installation

Each new door is pre-cut and painted in our shop, allowing our installers to replace each door in as little as 15 minutes! On the day of final installation, most door replacement projects can be completed within a few hours, and with very little disruption to the homeowner.

Zero Hassles

Let us take care of procuring, painting, and installing your new doors. No need to coordinate between the door supplier, contractors, and painters. No need to point fingers at different vendors over potential problems–we take care of all the various hassles and warrant our work for one year. We make the entire door replacement process easy!

Advanced Digital Measurement

Our computerized digital measuring and automated door cutting process ensures that your new doors will fit just right. As demonstrated by the fact that we install over 200 doors every week, our process has been tested and proven by the hundreds of thousands of doors that we have installed throughout the Bay Area.

Old Doors Stay in Place until New Doors Installed

The old manual method requires that existing doors be removed from your home for several days so that new doors can be cut to match their dimensions. In contrast our hi-tech process retains old doors in your home until the moment that your new doors are installed. Your home is never without doors!

Only Full-Time Dedicated Employees In Your Home

Our licensed and insured production crews are staffed by long-term dedicated and experienced IDRC employees. We have stringent hiring practices and are extremely careful about who enters your home. Unlike what is commonly practiced in the construction industry, our employees do their door installation work full-time, not as a side-job to earn a few extra bucks.

New Doors Fit to the Opening, Not the Old Door

Unlike the old manual method used by contractors and other door providers, our hi-tech process fits your new doors to each door opening, not to the previous door that happened to occupy that opening. This is especially notable if you have poorly-fitting doors. Using our process your new doors will fit better than the old doors that they replace.

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