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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

Shaker Doors from
Interior Door Replacement Company

Shaker-style doors have square paneling and edges.  They provide a simple, clean look and have been popular for interior doors and closet doors for decades.  Depending on the hardware chosen, Shaker doors can take on a very traditional Craftsman look or a more modern farmhouse design.

 This classic style is named after the Shakers, an immigrant religious group who arrived in America in 1774, bringing with them a utilitarian style of home furnishings.  Emphasizing values of simplicity, utility, and minimalism, their belief systems translated into the styles that they created for their homes.  At Interior Door Replacement Company we offer various Shaker door designs with one, two, three, or five panels.

The slideshow below displays the various Shaker designs available from Interior Door Replacement Company.

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