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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

About Our Barn Doors

Barn doors can be used in various places in most homes including closets, hallways, kitchen pantries, and master bathrooms.  They provide character to a home and add a charm that often increases the comfort and aura of the home environment.   While most large door slabs can be installed on sliding tracks and used as barn doors, the most attractive quality barn doors are very heavy and bulky, and can be quite difficult to install.  To avoid problematic barn door installation outcomes, it is important to use a vendor who is skilled and experienced at installing them.

At Interior Door Replacement Company, we offer a wide range of stylish barn door designs for both the barn door itself and sliding track hardware.  While we have several barn doors on display in our showroom, we can gain access to virtually any style of barn door and accompanying sliding track hardware.  For sliding track options please view our sliding track hardware page.  Most of our barn doors are custom-designed and made-to-order.  Lead time from order receipt to final installation is typically 6-8 weeks, which is the amount of time our suppliers need to assemble the barn door from scratch to specific sizing and design requirements.

Our installation crew is skilled and experienced at installing barn doors of various styles and designs.  Since 1997 we have installed over 250,000 doors in the Bay Area, including many barn doors.  We guarantee our work, and our professional track record provides certainty that your barn doors will be installed properly, work correctly, and look great.

The following slide displays some of the more common barn door styles and designs available from Interior Door Replacement Company.  If you see a door design that looks attractive, please take a note of the name of the door style and contact our office, or submit it with an appointment/estimate request form.  Once we have the approximate size of your barn door opening we will provide a rough ballpark price for the door that you are interested in.  Note that this is not an exhaustive list of barn door designs available from our Company.  As all barn doors are hand-made to order we can easily create a brand new design using CAD software for a barn door design that meets your preferences.

We are experts at barn door design and installation. Give us a call to schedule a free barn door estimate.

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