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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

About Our Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors are useful for enlarging a small space.  They can make a small bedroom seem larger and less claustrophobic.  They can also be used to brighten and enlarge bathroom spaces as well.

We source our mirrored doors from several different suppliers and thus can provide a diversity of design options.  One of our most popular products is the Mirror Reflections door, which has a painted wood frame encasing the mirror.  These doors are heavy and solidly-built, and come with ball-bearing tracks to help them slide without friction.  Wardrobe mirrored closet doors on the other hand come in a number of metallic and painted finishes, and they can also be frameless.

The slide show below provides a sampling of different mirror closet door designs and styles.  If you see a door style that interests you please make a note of its label and give our door specialists a call at 650-938-6878, or submit an estimate request form.  We also have another resource page describing our wardrobe closet doors which come with options for mirrored panels, various glass paneling options, or even wood panels.

We offer a great selection of mirrored doors for your home. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate appointment.

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