Lemieux Doors

Lemieux Front Doors by Interior Door Replacement Company

Over the past 20 years, Interior Door Replacement Company has had the opportunity to install thousands of exterior doors throughout the Bay Area.  Our experience has led us to recommend Torrefied doors from Lemieux for your exterior door needs.

Torrefication is an all-natural green process whereby wood is heated over time in order to eliminate its tendency to rot. It also makes wood far more structurally stable, and highly resistant to heat, cold, and moisture.  Every Torrefied exterior wood door carries a 20-year guarantee against warping, twisting, rotting or delamination.

In recent years increasing numbers of exterior doors are being manufactured outside of North America and imported into the US at a lower cost. Imported doors include many being sold by established name-brand door companies.  Many of these doors are assembled using lower quality wood byproducts and chemicals. In contrast, Lemieux’s Torrefied Collection doors are not made with veneers or laminates–Torrefied Collection doors are assembled in North America using solid wood.  In addition, Torrefication is a natural chemcial-free process that preserves safety and purity of your home environment.

At Interior Door Replacement Company, we have had outstanding results when installing Lemieux’s Torrefied Collection doors.  We have been so impressed with these products that as a company, we have decided to recommend and standardize on the Torrefied Collection doors for all of our customers’ exterior door needs.

Generic Exterior Door Cut-away
Cutaway of typical exterior door sold by name-brand door manufacturers. Notice the thin veneers and laminates used in its construction in order to reduce manufacturing costs.
Lemieux Torrefied Collection Exterior Door
Cut-away of Lemieux Torrefied Collection door showing solid wood construction throughout. Notice also that the Torrefication process penetrates and darkens the entire thickness of the wood.

Available Finishes for Lemieux Torrefied Collection Doors

Lemieux Torrefied Collection doors may be painted any color, and are also available in the following three wood species with clear finish applied by Interior Door Replacement Company.

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Finish

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

Poplar Finish


Brazilian Mahogany Finish

Brazilian Mahogany