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Over the past 20 years, Interior Door Replacement Company has had the opportunity to install thousands of exterior doors throughout the Bay Area.  Our experience and technology provide our customers with a wide range of exterior door replacement approaches.

For customers with intact door frames that are in good condition, we can offer to replace just the exterior door slab using hi-tech digital measuring methods and our computerized CNC milling machine.  This approach provides a economical and efficient method of installing a new exterior door slab that avoids much of the labor intensive process of installing a prehung door.

For customers who may have door frame damage due to forced entry, dry rot, or other problems, our experienced door professionals can replace the door frame and casing by installing a new prehung door.

We offer exterior doors that are made from fiberglass or wood.  We source our fiberglass doors from Thermatru and our wood doors from Rogue Valley.  To better understand the best material to use for exterior doors in your home, please contact our office.  Our sales staff can provide general recommendations and if necessary, schedule a visit to your home to provide a tailored recommendation on the best type of exterior door for your application.