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Barn Door Mania!

For our company, 2015 was the “Year of the Barn Door.”  Throughout the past year we saw increasing popularity for barn doors, considered by many homeowners as the novelty highlight of their dwelling.

Barn doors are oversize doors that must overlap the door opening by 1-3 inches on each side.  Consequently, in most cases they are custom-made doors because they must be somewhat larger than a standard-sized door.  Interior Door Replacement Company typically uses custom-made doors made of dense MDF material mounted on 3-inch diameter rollers resting on heavy carbon steel rails.  Their commonly oversize dimensions result in extremely heavy barn doors that roll with a sturdy beefy feel.

Barn door openings must have at least 6 inch clearance between the top of the opening and the room ceiling to allow for the headboard and carbon steel rails to be mounted.  Barn doors also require that there be available wall space on one or both sides of the door opening.  Be aware that there is a 1/2″ clearance between the wall and the door, meaning that the barn door is not airtight or soundproof when it is in the closed position.

Because most barn doors are custom-made, they can be designed and made to exactly fit the homeowner customer’s taste and desires.  Glass, mirrors, and any conceivable paneling designs can all be accommodated.  Barn doors can be painted or made with any wood species desired.

Here are some photos of barn doors that were recently installed by our company in 2015.  Also see blog from earlier this year.


Barn Door for BathroomBarn Door with Glass

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