TruStile French Doors

TruStile’s French Door (FL) Collection offers 100 classic glass door designs from one- to 18-lite configurations. TruStile French doors are crafted with true divided lites. Each individual piece of glass is hand-inserted for maximum architectural detail.

Blue sections in the above templates refer to glass areas of the door.  You may choose from a large selection of hundreds of glass options to enhance the design of your door.

French doors may be painted by Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC), or you may order them to be made in a specific wood species to be clear coat finished by IDRC.

We apply paint or clear-coat finish to doors in our specialized painting facility at our shop. The paint or clear-coat is sprayed on in a dust-free environment, creating a perfectly smooth finish with no brush marks.

To obtain an estimate, please note the number of the door design that you are interested in and call our office.  Alternatively, you may also inquire by submitting an estimate  form by clicking the “Get a Free Estimate” button below (note the number of the door design in the form).