Lemieux Artisan Collection

The Artisan series brings back many of the designs we remember from past times, while also providing some more contemporary options. Lemieux incorporates modern technology to add stability and strength for these doors that add character and charm to your home.

We apply paint or clear-coat finish to exterior doors in our specialized painting facility at our shop. The paint or clear-coat is sprayed on in a dust-free environment, creating a perfectly smooth finish with no brush marks. Our exterior doors receive paint that has been specially treated with a proprietary acrylic enamel, providing superior durability compared to doors painted with store-bought solutions.

To obtain an estimate, please note the number of the door design that you are interested in and call our office.  Alternatively, you may also inquire by submitting an estimate form by clicking the “Get a Free Estimate” button below (note the number of the door design in the form).  Unless specifically noted, quotes and estimates from IDRC include installation, paint, new lockset, and removal/disposal of old door.