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With the recent cold, blustery weather we have been receiving more customer inquiries about front doors and other exterior doors.  For many of these inquiries, the changing weather has revealed problems with the fit and/or function of their exterior doors, such as letting in cold air or generating whistling noises when the wind blows. Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) is uniquely positioned to resolve these issues through technology that can provide a perfectly-fitting and airtight new exterior door at an economical cost.

When faced with such a project, most contractors will replace not only the door, but also the exterior door frame.  Since they lack the computerized door cutting technology that IDRC possesses, they have little choice but to remove the entire door frame and build a new frame around the new door.  But such an approach is not only more expensive, messy, and disruptive, but also potentially risky.  A contractor must be professionally qualified in order to remove and replace the door frame of an exterior door, as such a process can affect the integrity of the load-bearing wall of the home.

But for those customers who have exterior door frames that are in good condition, IDRC offers a much better approach.  We use a special digital measuring device to precisely measure the door opening of the exterior door.  Our computer-controlled milling machine uses these digital measurements to cut new doors to fit the existing door frame.  The result is a perfectly-fitting door every time.  In contrast, a contractor who attempts to retrofit a new door into the existing door frame must use manual measurements and hand-cutting tools to trim a new door.  This process is very labor-intensive and prone to error, which is why almost all contractors instead will insist on replacing both door and door frame.


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