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The Bet, Part 2


Well, we all know the results of the Packers vs. 49ers game.  Some employees at Interior Door Replacement Company were happy (well, that includes most…), and some were sad (more than one).  But there was a bet, just as there was for the playoff game in January of this year.  An earlier blog describes how we settled the outcome of that bet.  This blog shows how we settled the outcome of the game this past weekend.

As described earlier, Josh–the owner of IDRC–grew up in Wisconsin and is a lifelong Packers fan.  He again agreed to a bet with Walter, the General Manager of IDRC.  If the Packers win, then Walter wears a cheesehead for an entire day of work.  If the 49ers win, then Josh wears a 49ers helmet.  Either way, the loser gets his picture posted on the IDRC website.

And once again, Josh shows that he covers his bet.  Here are the pictures as proof:

Josh answering phone calls from customers inquiring about doors
Josh discussing some of the front doors on display in the show room

Well that does it for now.  Or perhaps, will there be yet another bet, part 3 maybe early next year???

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