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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

16 prehung doors installed in Half Moon Bay

Last Friday we began what has been our biggest project of the year so far–installing 16 new prehung doors in Half Moon Bay.  This was a 2-day project that required all-hands-on-deck.  Every member of our installation team was involved in the work.  Existing door frames had to be removed and replaced with new frames and molding.

As we wrap up the last day of work on the project, things look to be on track.  The home has undergone a tremendous transformation.  The new doors and casing look great.  Here are a few pictures of our soon-to-be-finished work:

prehung-interior-door-1 prehung-interior-door-2 prehung-interior-door-3 prehung-interior-door-4

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