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Barn Door in Belmont

Barn doors have been drawing increasing interest from our customers. To address customer inquiries, we have even installed a barn door in our showroom so our customers can touch and feel one for themselves. We use stylish, exposed sliding door hardware which makes our barn doors suitable for most homes in the Bay Area.

Shown below is a barn door that we recently installed in a customer home in Belmont.  The door divides the master bedroom from the bathroom.  The bedroom was rather small, so the customer elected to install a mirror on the side of the door facing the bedroom in order to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Barn Door

Barn Door












Other places where we have seen customers place barn doors include closets, hallways, and kitchen pantries.  In areas where a swinging door would be awkward, a barn door can add an attractive and elegant quirkiness to the home decor.  A barn door with somewhat rustic style provides an interesting contrast in a contemporary home.  Unlike pocket doors, barn doors do not require significant demolition to install.  However, they do require a fair amount of wall space for the door when it is rolled back.

Barn Door


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  1. Joanne O Ryder

    can I order one of these closet doors with mirror (barn door style)? I live in Southern NJ

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