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White Laminate Glass Doors in Mountain View

White Laminate DoorsMolded doors have been the a popular door choice for IDRC customers, but many other customers desire a special quality premium door.  We offer a wide choice of styles and door designs from various manufacturers including AAW, Trustile, and Simpson.  When a customer selects one of these premium doors, it is always a joy to see how well these doors look in the customer’s home after we finish the installation job.  In almost every case we are surprised–sometimes even shocked–at a how well the premium doors improve the overall atmosphere and comfort of a customer’s home.  That was the case for a customer we serviced yesterday in Mountain View, who ordered White Laminate glass doors that we painted black at our specialized door painting facility.

Interior white laminate doorsNow, the previous molded doors were in good condition, and therefore this door replacement project was elective.  But after the new doors were installed it was very clear that our customer had made an excellent decision.  We replaced about a dozen doors throughout the home, including a set of double-doors.   The new glass doors fit perfectly into the existing home decor, and completed the transformation of the home’s living space in an especially appealing manner.

Our homeowner-customer did not view our work until after the glass doors were installed.  Nevertheless she was overjoyed at the result, and her enthusiastic reaction added to our overall sense of satisfaction.

interior white laminate doors

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