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Call for a Free Estimate: 650-938-6878

The Bet


Josh, the owner of IDRC, grew up in Wisconsin and is a lifelong Packer fan.  In fact, he wore a cheesehead to the company Christmas party, to the chagrin of his employees who are mostly 49er fans (with a few Raider fans sprinkled in).  So last week, when it became clear that the Packers and the 49ers were going to meet in the divisional round NFC playoffs, a few of his employees challenged Josh to a bet.  If the Green Bay Packers won, then each employee would have to take turns wearing a cheesehead for a day at work (except when visiting customer homes…).  On the other hand, if the 49ers won, then Josh would have to wear a 49ers helmet at work for a day.

Well, this blog is to document that Josh does cover his bets, and here are the pictures to prove it.  As you can see Josh going about his daily activities at IDRC, he is indeed wearing a 49er helmet.  Congratulations 49ers!

Josh with Kristine at the front desk
Josh checking his email
Josh loading doors onto trucks
Here is Josh carefully sanding doors

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