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San Carlos

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We often work with contractors who prefer to outsource their door replacement tasks to make sure the new doors are properly measured and installed correctly.  Of all the tasks a general contractor must worry about, replacing doors is usually one of the most challenging.  A good general contractor knows the limits of their capabilities, and instead of tackling something they are unsure of, will ask us to take care of the door replacement responsibilities.

That was the case in this particular job in San Carlos that we worked on today.  The house is vacant and will soon be on the market.  It’s in a very nice neighborhood, and for sure this house will sell quickly.  The kitchen had just been redone with new countertops, and there were a number of other things that the general contractor was still working on.  When we arrived, we had the entire house to ourselves, and quickly got to work.  In the truck were 19 hollow core molded doors and a fire-rated door for the garage, ready to be installed.

The contractor made it easier for us by removing all the old doors.  That would reduce the amount of time that we would need to spend on-site, but on the other hand for the purposes of this blog, we will not be able to show before-and-after photos comparing the old doors to the new, since the old doors were already gone.

At about 15 minutes per door plus a little extra time for the fire door, this job would take about 5-6 hours to complete.  We started at about 8:30am and expect that it will take until about 2pm in the afternoon to complete.





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