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The Door Replacement Challenge

Door replacement is one of the most difficult tasks in any home improvement project.  Over time settling in a home will cause door openings to change.  Every door opening endures stress from the overhead weight that it supports, which creates inconsistency in its dimensions. Consequently, a new door purchased from a hardware store will almost never fit without careful and meticulous measurement and trimming.

But measuring and cutting doors by hand is a tedious and frustrating task dreaded by every general contractor.  It is a time-consuming task, and the slightest error can force a contractor into choosing between scrapping the door, or proceeding with a door that may not fit or operate entirely right.  Just about every week we are approached by customers who ask us to replace poorly-fitting doors that were installed by their contractors.  (it’s an interesting fact that many contractors have suffered enough that they now give all of their door replacement projects to us).

Our digital measurement and computer-controlled door cutting approach

Interior Door Replacement Company has replaced over 250,000 doors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including in many older homes with door openings that have developed irregular dimensions.  Our approach is different from traditional methods used by other Bay Area contractors.  We rely on the latest digital measurement technologies.  Unlike a general contractor equipped with a tape measure, our technology-based approach can capture the irregular dimensions that have developed many door openings.  A computerized milling machine then interprets the digital measurement data, and cuts the new door to match the door opening’s exact dimensions.

The measuring process is quick–only about one minute per door.  But a key benefit is that our technology eliminates the uncertainty and guesswork present in many contractor-performed door replacement projects.  Doors are cut perfectly every time according to each door opening’s digital measurements.  Furthermore, since this is an automated process involving very little manual labor, our milling machine can cut as many as 150 doors per day, allowing us to drive production volumes and keep per-door processing costs low.  This allows us to offer door replacement services at a fraction of the cost of most general contractors who must rely on manual labor-intensive methods.

Most contractors will remove the old doors in order to cut new doors that match its dimensions.  This becomes problematic if the old doors no longer fit the existing door openings.  It also means the home will be without doors for a certain period of time.  In contrast, our approach allows the old doors to remain in place until the day that we replace them.  Because we measure and cut doors to the the actual dimensions of the door openings, the new doors that we install usually fit better than the doors that we replaced.

Our technology allows us to cut and replace as many as 50 doors per day.  our automated process requires a minimal amount of physical labor and results in extremely low per-door replacement costs.  This allows us to deliver door replacement services at very low prices, without compromising quality and workmanship.

Over time, each door opening develops unique characteristics


Our digital measuring tool captures any irregular dimensions in door openings

Our computerized milling machine cuts doors to exact dimensions of the door opening (including any irregular dimensions)

Video: Our computer-controlled milling machine cutting door to exact measurements