Emtek Levers


Emtek Levers
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About Emtek Levers

Emtek door levers are available in keyed entry, passage, privacy, and dummy applications.  Emtek locks have heavy duty mechanisms designed to provide trouble free service. Knobs and lever handles are supported by springs mounted behind the rosettes and sideplates. These springs return the handles back to the rest position and prevent lever sag. Emtek latches are heavy duty construction with strong internal spring and solid brass bolt. Spindles are spring loaded “half spindles” for smooth operation even on imperfect door prep. Emtek knobs and lever handles have a set screw design which, when tightened, eliminates the loose handle feel you get with other brands. Set screws do not hold the handle on, but serve to remove the looseness. Emtek handles and rosettes are forged, not cast or stamped, providing a flawless surface which can be highly polished when desired. The generous thickness and weight of forged parts gives them a solid look and feel.
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