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About Our Front and Entry Doors

Replacing an entry door can be a challenging process.  Often, it starts by first selecting the right door and lockset that fits your needs.  You then have to transport the door to your home, and find a space to store it while you schedule a time for a qualified installer to install the door.  In selecting the installer, it is important to check references to ensure that they possess the experience and workmanship to do a competent job.  With an exterior door, skimping on workmanship and quality will lead to headaches down the road.  Finally, you will need to find a painter who will apply the appropriate grade of paint to the door.  Again, quality and workmanship are important, as substandard paint or poor quality workmanship can potentially sabotage the original investment.

Interior Door Replacement Company is a one-stop provider for door replacement, including entry doors.  We offer a wide selection of front doors from various manufacturers, and we supply not only the door, but also all of the other services needed to complete the door replacement.  Our skilled installers have installed more than 250,000 doors since 1997.  We also have a specialized state-of-the-art paint booth that applies sealers and premium-quality paint in a temperature-controlled, dust-free environment. Included in our special blend of paint is a proprietary industrial-strength acrylic enamel that provides superior durability over standard store-bought paints.  Our finished front doors have a perfectly smooth surface with no brush marks.

When replacing front doors, most contractors will automatically install pre-hung doors to replace not only the door, but also the exterior door framing.  This process adds time and cost.  But at IDRC, in many circumstances our advanced measuring and door cutting technology allow us to replace only the door, without having to redo the door framing.  This approach can provide significant savings.  Contact us for a free in-home consultation to see if an exterior entry door retrofit (i.e., replacing only the door) is an option for your home.

We offer an attractive selection of front doors from Simpson and TM Cobb.  To view the most popular offerings from our suppliers, please click on the manufacturer of interest below.  We also offer a wide selection of entry door hardware locksets from EMTEK.