August Employee of the Month


This month we wanted to recognize Chris Ong as the Employee of the Month. This is the second time we have recognized Chris in this way. Since joining Interior Door Replacement Company almost two years ago, he has consistently delivered high quality service for customers while installing doors. We regularly receive complements from customers about his workmanship and dedication to detail. This recognition is certainly well-deserved.


New Doors for Newly-Purchased Home in San Jose


A substantial portion of our customers have recently been involved in the real estate market, either as home buyers or sellers.  Buyers of new homes often want new doors that suit their personal taste; sellers often replace older doors to make their homes more attractive in the market.

This past week we replaced about 20 doors in a San Jose home recently purchased by the customer.  They chose a two-panel Cambridge style design with stylish locksets made by EMTEK.  All doors were solid core.  Since the home was relatively new, the door jambs and casing were all in great condition, and thus we were able to retrofit all of the new doors into the existing jambs.  Here are the pictures.

Cambridge-EMTEK Cambridge-EMTEK-2 Cambridge-EMTEK-3 Cambridge-EMTEK-4Cambridge-EMTEK-5


July Employee of the Month

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Our July employee of the month is Matt Vargas.  Matt joined us just earlier this year and he quickly learned how to operate the CNC machine used to cut doors.  But he has not been content with just working at the Mountain View shop.  Matt has also picked up the skills to install interior doors and closet doors.  After working only a few months, Matt’s flexibility and willingness to learn has already made him an extremely valuable resource to the Company.   Congratulations and thank you Matt!!!

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Craftsman Doors in Mountain View

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In a Mountain View neighborhood we recently had an opportunity to install some 3-panel Craftsman doors.  These attractively-priced doors fit the bucolic character of the home.  Since the home was located near our Mountain View shop, we were able to dash over to take some quick pictures, which are posted below:

craftsman-interior-door-4 craftsman-interior-door-1 craftsman-interior-door-2 craftsman-interior-door-3

Cherry Doors from TruStile

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This past week we had a chance to install new TruStile doors made from cherry.  The home was a typical San Jose dwelling in the Almaden Valley constructed in the 1970′s.  The homeowners had resolved to upgrade their home, and they decided to start by replacing their old original hollow doors with these premium-quality woodgrain cherrywood doors.  Here are a few photos of the door after they were installed.  Over the next few months and beyond, the wood grain in these doors will darken, gradually giving the doors more pronounced texture, and further enhancing their beauty.

cherry-interior-door-1 cherry-interior-door-2 cherry-interior-door-3

Mirror Closet Doors in Cupertino

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Yesterday we installed a number of interior and closet doors in a Cupertino home.  The owners had lived in the home for about a year.  It was an older home with a lot of character from dwellings built in the 1970′s, and the couple were in the midst of a number of upgrades that included new doors.  To accentuate the personality of the home, the owners installed two-panel shaker-style doors.  However, the highlight of the project (in our view) were two sets of mirror reflections closet doors in the master bedroom.  Installing these stylish mirrored doors immediately gave the previously compact bedroom an amazing semblance of spaciousness.  Here are the photos we took from the project.

cupertino-interior-door-1 cupertino-interior-door-2 cupertino-closet-door-3 cupertino-closet-door-4 cupertino-interior-door-5 cupertino-interior-door-6 cupertino-interior-door-7


Pacific Heights in San Francisco

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Today, on a rainy overcast day we had an opportunity to install new TruStile doors in the exclusive San Francisco neighborhood of Pacific Heights.  In addition to our door installation team, the house was overrun with painters and contractors doing their work.  Due to the remodeling work, much of the home was not in presentable shape, but we were able to complete our work successfully and take some pictures.

The homeowner installed two types of doors for their remodeling project.  Most of the new doors were one-panel doors from TruStile, while a few were white laminate glass doors.  Here are the pictures that we took:


Pacific Heights neighborhood

View of Golden Gate bridge from upper bedroom

Pac-Heights-1 one-panel interior doorone-panel interior doorone-panel interior doorwhite laminate interior doorwhite laminate interior door white laminate interior door

Front Door Retrofit

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One of our company’s key capabilities is using digital measurements to precisely cut new door slabs to fit existing door jambs, using a computer-controlled CNC milling machine.  This allows us to cut as many as 250 interior doors per week, with each door fitting perfectly into its intended door opening.  The technology also allows us to precisely retrofit front doors into the existing exterior door jams without having to rip out the door frame.  Our technology allows customers to save thousands of dollars in labor costs that would otherwise be required to remove and replace the exterior door jams.  If the exterior door frame is in good condition and you only need to replace the exterior door slab itself, then we provide a great option to economically and painlessly replace your exterior doors.

Below are some pictures of a front door retrofit project that we recently did in Sunnyvale.  The customer’s existing exterior door jams were in good condition and they did not need to be replaced.  So the customer called Interior Door Replacement Company to purchase and install a new front door.  The entire process only took about an hour to finish.  As a bonus, there was virtually no demolition and mess that would otherwise be involved in removing and replacing the front door jams.  The front door was painted at our Mountain View location using a special blend of paint and industrial-strength acrylic enamel sealer, resulting in a front door with superior durability and finish compared to those with store-bought paints.

front-door front-door-2front-door-4

5-Panel doors in Sunnyvale, by TM Cobb and TruStile

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Today we had an opportunity to install a number of 5-panel doors in a home in Sunnyvale.  These doors have elegant styling that provide distinctive character to the home.   The homeowner chose the Conmore door manufactured by TM Cobb for their passage doors and hallway closets.  But for their bedroom closets they chose a 5-panel Shaker-style door handcrafted by TruStile.

Below are some pictures of the doors after we were finished with installation.  As you can see, the homeowner made some great choices in their door and lockset selection that enhances and complements their home’s character.

TruStile Closet Doors

TruStile Closet Doors – 5-panel Shaker style

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Closet Door

Conmore Closet Doors

Custom Maple Bypass Doors in Palo Alto

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Yesterday we were in a quaint older neighborhood in Palo Alto to install a pair of custom maple bypass doors.  The home was an Eichler, with sloped-roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and all of the character typical of homes from that era.  The washer and dryer were installed in a nook adjoining the living room.  The owner needed solid 8′ sliding doors to hide the washer and dryer as well as dampen the noise when they were in operation.  So he chose these solid maple 5-panel shaker style doors.  After we were done with the installation, the homeowner was just thrilled that he got exactly what he had imagined.  Here are some pictures of the completed project:

Maple-bypass-closet-3 Maple-bypass-closet-2