Front Door Retrofit


One of our company’s key capabilities is using digital measurements to precisely cut new door slabs to fit existing door jambs, using a computer-controlled CNC milling machine.  This allows us to cut as many as 250 interior doors per week, with each door fitting perfectly into its intended door opening.  The technology also allows us to precisely retrofit front doors into the existing exterior door jams without having to rip out the door frame.  Our technology allows customers to save thousands of dollars in labor costs that would otherwise be required to remove and replace the exterior door jams.  If the exterior door frame is in good condition and you only need to replace the exterior door slab itself, then we provide a great option to economically and painlessly replace your exterior doors.

Below are some pictures of a front door retrofit project that we recently did in Sunnyvale.  The customer’s existing exterior door jams were in good condition and they did not need to be replaced.  So the customer called Interior Door Replacement Company to purchase and install a new front door.  The entire process only took about an hour to finish.  As a bonus, there was virtually no demolition and mess that would otherwise be involved in removing and replacing the front door jams.  The front door was painted at our Mountain View location using a special blend of paint and industrial-strength acrylic enamel sealer, resulting in a front door with superior durability and finish compared to those with store-bought paints.

front-door front-door-2front-door-4

5-Panel doors in Sunnyvale, by TM Cobb and TruStile


Today we had an opportunity to install a number of 5-panel doors in a home in Sunnyvale.  These doors have elegant styling that provide distinctive character to the home.   The homeowner chose the Conmore door manufactured by TM Cobb for their passage doors and hallway closets.  But for their bedroom closets they chose a 5-panel Shaker-style door handcrafted by TruStile.

Below are some pictures of the doors after we were finished with installation.  As you can see, the homeowner made some great choices in their door and lockset selection that enhances and complements their home’s character.

TruStile Closet Doors

TruStile Closet Doors – 5-panel Shaker style

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Interior Door

Conmore Closet Door

Conmore Closet Doors

Custom Maple Bypass Doors in Palo Alto


Yesterday we were in a quaint older neighborhood in Palo Alto to install a pair of custom maple bypass doors.  The home was an Eichler, with sloped-roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and all of the character typical of homes from that era.  The washer and dryer were installed in a nook adjoining the living room.  The owner needed solid 8′ sliding doors to hide the washer and dryer as well as dampen the noise when they were in operation.  So he chose these solid maple 5-panel shaker style doors.  After we were done with the installation, the homeowner was just thrilled that he got exactly what he had imagined.  Here are some pictures of the completed project:

Maple-bypass-closet-3 Maple-bypass-closet-2

New doors in Burlingame


Today we installed doors in a hilly neighborhood in Burlingame.  It was an older home, that formerly had plain flat doors painted white.  The owners decided new doors would give their home a new refreshing character.  After our job was completed, their expectations were not only met, but greatly exceeded.

For their home the owners chose the Cambridge style door, a two-panel door with a smooth finish.  But they also wanted more distinguished lockset hardware, and so they decided to upgrade to EMTEK levers–specifically the Triton lever in oil rubbed bronze.  The result is a rather contemporary look that adds to the personality of their attractive home.  Before leaving, we took a few pictures, which we post here below:

burlingame-5 burlingame-4 burlingame-3 burlingame-2 burlingameburlingame-6

February Employee of the Month



February’s employee of the month is also our newest employee.  Michelle Espino has been with IDRC since November of 2013.  She had a short amount of time to learn before taking over from Kristine, who is on maternity leave.  But she learned her responsibilities quickly and proficiently, and has done an admirable job serving customers and answering their questions with her newly-acquired expertise.

Thank you for a job well-done Michelle!!!

January Employee of the Month



Our employee of the month for January is Scott Johnson.  Scott lives in the Moss Beach area, and has the longest commute of any employee.  But he has proven to be a steady, consistent contributor to our team, never misses a day of work, never late to a customer appointment, and is able and willing to take on the toughest job assignments.

We credit Scott with skillfully navigating a number of difficult situations, including a recent incident where a required part did not arrive on time from a supplier.  Scott did what he could to satisfy the customer, and returned the next day to finish the installation.  The customer later called our office to thank us for Scott’s workmanship and handling of the situation.  For his handling of this and many other situations, the management team decided to give Scott the employee of the month award.  Congratulations Scott!

The Bet, Part 3




As one would expect, most employees of Interior Door Replacement Company are 49er fans, who were able to joyfully celebrate their victory over the Packers in last night’s playoff game.  However, we also have employees who are Green Bay Packer fans, including Josh, owner of IDRC.  This blog is to settle the third consecutive bet on the outcome of the Packer vs. 49er game.  The loser must have their picture taken and posted on this blog in either a 49er helmet (if the 49ers win) or a cheesehead (if the Packers win).

We described in earlier blogs (The Bet, part 1 and The Bet, part 2) how after the Packers lost twice to the 49ers how Josh went through the day wearing the 49ers helmet.  Well, here is yet another picture of Josh wearing the 49er helmet around the IDRC office, after the most recent Packers loss:



Front Door Retrofit in Foster City


Retrofitting a new front door is an efficient and economical approach to renewing the exterior of your home.  In the Bay Area CA, a front door retrofit is also something that only Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) can offer.  Contractors will only install front doors by tearing out the original front door frame in order to build a new frame around the new front door.  But IDRC employs digital measuring technology and a computer-controlled milling machine to precisely cut new front door slabs to fit an existing door frame.  Our retrofit approach saves an immense amount of time and labor, resulting in significant cost savings for home owners.   Attempting to cut and trim a new front door by hand is extremely risky–one error or mis-measurement and the expensive new front door will have to be scrapped, which is why almost all contractors will refuse to install front doors without ripping out the original door frame.

Today we had a chance to retrofit a pair of front doors into a Foster City home.  Here is the “before” picture, taken in the morning when our installation crew arrived.  These doors are 30 years old, original doors from when the home was built.  However, the door frames are in good condition, and the homeowner felt there was no need to rip them out.  So they worked with IDRC to save money by retrofitting a new set of front doors into the existing door frame.


Before: the original doors


After: new African Mahogany front doors

The home owners chose African Mahogany for its pronounced wood grain texture.  The doors are manufactured in the USA by our supplier TM Cobb.  Interior Door Replacement Company finished the new doors by applying three coats of clear lacquer finish in our Mountain View facility, carefully sanding the wood surface before applying each coat.  The result was a stunningly beautiful door that was beyond compare.  Here are a few more pictures of the door:


View of door from the inside of the home


December Employee of the Month


2013-12-16 15.45.12

Our December Employee of the Month is Chris Ong.  This is Chris’ second time as IDRC’s Employee of the Month–he was also EOM in May of this year.  What sparked Chris’ repeat appearance as EOM is the number of positive comments by customers about his work.  For example, here is an excerpt from a letter dated November 1, 2013 sent to us by a recent customer in Half Moon Bay.  This is but one of a number of written and verbal comments received from our customers:

“…Christopher’s work is superb…He worked steadily and did not rush or take any shortcuts to ensure that everything was completed perfectly.  He is an invaluable asset to your company.  Please pass on our comments and thanks to him.”

Exterior Doors from Interior Door Replacement Company



With the recent cold, blustery weather we have been receiving more customer inquiries about front doors and other exterior doors.  For many of these inquiries, the changing weather has revealed problems with the fit and/or function of their exterior doors, such as letting in cold air or generating whistling noises when the wind blows. Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) is uniquely positioned to resolve these issues through technology that can provide a perfectly-fitting and airtight new exterior door at an economical cost.

When faced with such a project, most contractors will replace not only the door, but also the exterior door frame.  Since they lack the computerized door cutting technology that IDRC possesses, they have little choice but to remove the entire door frame and build a new frame around the new door.  But such an approach is not only more expensive, messy, and disruptive, but also potentially risky.  A contractor must be professionally qualified in order to remove and replace the door frame of an exterior door, as such a process can affect the integrity of the load-bearing wall of the home.

But for those customers who have exterior door frames that are in good condition, IDRC offers a much better approach.  We use a special digital measuring device to precisely measure the door opening of the exterior door.  Our computer-controlled milling machine uses these digital measurements to cut new doors to fit the existing door frame.  The result is a perfectly-fitting door every time.  In contrast, a contractor who attempts to retrofit a new door into the existing door frame must use manual measurements and hand-cutting tools to trim a new door.  This process is very labor-intensive and prone to error, which is why almost all contractors instead will insist on replacing both door and door frame.